Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Tutorial "Timeless Beauty"

"Timeless Beauty"

I wrote this Tutorial on July 21st, 2009.
Any resemblence to another tut online is purely coincidence.
You will need any version of Paint Shop Pro.
A good knowledge of working with masks.
Scrap kit used is by Joint Venture. Sadiescrap130309-itha.

Wsl_Mask226, Font Of Choice, Tube Of Choice.

I am using the awesome artwork of Ismal Rac.
Please Do Not use the same tube without an AMI License.
You may find his tubes.

Ready, Let's Go
Open a new 600x600 blank canvas and floodfill with white.
Copy and paste a paper of choice from the kit.
Open your Wsl_Mask226, go to layers, new mask from image, source luminance
Checked, invert unchecked and apply mask. duplicate the mask layer.
And on the original mask layer, go to adjust, blur, gaussian blur of 20%.
Click ok. hide the white background and merge the 2 mask layers visible.
Unhide your white background. Pull the mask layer out to fit canvas.

Repeat this step above with another paper from the kit.
Only do not pull the mask layer out to fit canvas.
Hide your white background and merge all mask layers together.
Unhide your white background.

Open doodles sc-element 21c-itha and sc-element 21b-itha.
Copy and paste sc-element 21c-itha underneath the merged mask layer.
Add a drop shadow of choice. duplicate, image mirror and position.
Use my tag as a reference. Repeat this step with sc-element 21b-itha.

Open the sc-frame05-itha. copy and paste the frame onto canvas.
Add a drop shadow. with magic wand, click inside the frame, selections, modify
Expand by 6. copy and paste a paper of choice, selections invert, hit delete.
Selections none. back on the frame layer, click inside with magic wand,
Selections modify, expand by 6. copy and paste your tube, selections invert hit delete.
Selections none. drop shadow the tube.
Copy and paste your tube again on top of all layers. position her where you want.
Add a drop shadow to the tube.

Open sc-element24-itha. copy and paste on top of the merged mask layer.
Add a drop shadow. position to the top right side. duplicate, image mirror.
Duplicate again and image flip, move more towards the bottom middle.

Open sc-frame02-itha. copy and paste on top of all layers.
Add a drop shadow. resize frame to your liking. with magic wand, click
Inside frame, selections modify, expand by 6, copy and paste a paper of choice.
Selections invert, hit delete. selections none. back on the frame layer, add your tube.
Selections invert, hit delete. select none. drop shadow the tube.
Hide all layers except for the image we just made, merge visible. unhide all layers.
Move this merged image to the bottom left and angle it slightly.

Now open all other embellishments of your choice and position where you want.
Add drop shadows to all embellishments. or use my tag for placement.
Add your name in font of choice, add a drop shadow.

Add all artist copyright info and your watermark.
Save as a .png file.
Thank you for trying my Tutorial.
Huggles, Donna.

This Tutorial is copyrighted to me.
©Donna's Designzs.

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