Saturday, November 19, 2011

Merry Christmas_2011. Also with Animated snow.

"Merry Christmas_2011"

Supplies Needed

You will need Paint Shop Pro. Any version should work this Tut.

Animation Shop 3.

My Merry Christmas_2011 scrap kit. Here

And Here

Artist tube of choice, Font of choice.

Please Do Not use the same tube as me without the proper license number.

I used the artwork of Ismael Rac. Here

"Ready? Let's Go"

1. Open a new blank canvas 600x600 and floodfill with white.

2. With your foreground red and background null, With eclipse tool

Draw out a large circle, Convert to a raster layer. Add a drop shadow of choice.

3. Highlight the red circle, Copy and paste the circleflowerframe03.

Resize it by 110% 2-3 times to fit over the red frame but not going over it.

Add a drop shadow and sharpen if needed.

4. Highlight the circle we just made. With your magic wand tool

Click inside the circle. Selections modify expand by 10.

Copy and paste paper04 from the kit. Selections modify, Selections invert, Hit delete.

Select none. Move the paper below the circle layer. Add drop shadow.

5. Highlight the paper layer, Selections modify, Expand by 10. Click ok.

Copy and paste one of the beadedribbons. You may resize the beadedribbon by 80%.

While the paper layer is highlighted, Go to selections modify, Selections invert, delete.

Select none. Position in the middle. Add a drop shadow.

6. Highlight the paper layer again. With your magic wand tool, Click inside the paper.

Selections modify, Expand by 10. Open your tube in Psp and resize it by 80% if needed.

While the paper layer is highlighted, Position the tube where you want it.

Selections modify, Selections invert, Hit delete. Select none.

Add a drop shadow to the tube. I used H&V=2, Blur=50, Opacity=6. Click ok.

7. Highlight the paper layer. Copy and paste the flower bunches from the kit.

Position them on the top. See my tag as a guide. Add drop shadows to them.

8. Now you may decorate your tag the way you want. Or use my tag as a guide.

Do Not merge your tag.

9. Add your name, Add a drop shadow to your name.

Add all artist copyright info and your watermark.

"Animation". (Optional)."

1. Go to edit, Copy/merged into AS. as a new animation.

Duplicate your tag for as many frames your snow animation has.

Select all.

2. Open your snow animation in AS. Select all. Copy and paste into current frame.

View your animation. If you are happy with the animation, Save tag as a .Gif file.

I hope you enjoyed working with this Tutorial.

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