Monday, August 23, 2010

"Garv I Clicked" Tutorial ( New By Wolfie )

Find The Tutorial Here
A very good friend of mine and on My Creative Team has writen her first Tutorial. I hope everyone will try it out. It will make her very happy and she will have the incentive to write more tuts. Thank You...:)

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Chic Blue Tutorial ( Animated )

"Chic Blue"
I wrote this Tutorial on Aug. 9th, 2010. And was written with Psp9.
Any other Tutorial online that resembles this tutorial is purely coincidence.
You will need a very good knowledge of Psp and its tools.
You will also need a very good knowledge working with masks....:)
Animation Shop.
"Supplies Needed"
My PTU Scrap Kit "Chic Blue", Here
You will find my store links for my kit there on my blog.
Wsl_Mask61, Here
Tube of your choice, Font of your choice.
I am using the artwork of Ismael Rac. Please Do Not use the same tube.
Without the proper license to do so. Here
"Ready? Let's Go"
1.) Open the Wsl_Mask61 and minimize it for now. We will get back to it in a bit.
Open a new blank 600x600 canvas and floodfill with white.
Copy and paste paper 17 from the kit. Open the Wsl_Mask61. Apply the mask.
Duplicate the mask layer and on the original, go to adjust, blur.
Gaussian blur of 25%, click ok. Hide the white background and merge visible.
Repeat the same steps as above with paper06. Hide all layers and merge the two.
Mask layers visible. With deform tool, pull mask out to fit the canvas.
Unhide all of the other layers.
2.) For those who don't know how to apply a mask, Here is what you do.
Open the Wsl_Mask61, Go to layers, new mask from image, a window will pop up.
You will see the mask listed under the source window. Source luminance is checked.
Leave the rest unchecked. Click ok. Go back to layers, load/save mask
To alpha channel and click save. On your canvas, Copy and paste the paper.
On the paper layer, go to layers, load/save mask from alpha channel.
Fit to canvas is checked and Hide all mask is checked. Rest leave as is. Click on load.
On the layer pallette you will see the mask is highlighted, Click on it and merge group.
Your mask layer is done. Now refer to up above for duplicating the mask layer.
And adding the blur effect to the mask layer.
3.) Copy and paste Doodle02, Resize it and place it in the middle . Add a drop shadow.
Duplicate the doodle layer and image, flip. Make sure its on the bottom middle.
Copy and paste Flower bunch04, resize it. Place it to the top right of canvas.
Copy and paste Flower bunch03, Resize it. Place it on the right side and move it down.
Add a drop shadow to both flower bunches. Hide all other layers and merge flower bunches
Visible. Unhide all other layers. Duplicate the merged flower bunches layer.
And image mirror. Duplicate the merged flower bunches layer again and image flip.
Duplicate the merged flower bunches layer til you have 4 layers.
4.) Copy and paste Frame05. You may have to resize it slightly bigger.
But make sure it does not go over the mask layer. Add a drop shadow to the frame.
With your magic wand tool, Click inside the frame, expand by 6.
Copy and paste paper15. Selections invert, hit delete, select none. Move paper below the frame.
5.) Highlight the frame layer, With magic wand, click inside the frame, expand by 6.
Copy and paste the flowerboarder01, Selections invert, hit delete, select none.
With mover tool move it up a little bit. Duplicate, image flip. Add a drop shadow.
6.) Copy and paste your tube on top of all layers, Resize tube if needed.
Add a drop shadow to the tube. Place her in the middle of the frame making her.
Look like she is coming out of the frame.
7.) Copy and paste Bead flower chain04, Resize it. Place it to the top left side.
Add a drop shadow. Sharpen if needed.
8.) Copy and paste flowers of your choice, Resize them. Place some to the top left.
Add drop shadows to the flowers. Sharpen if needed. See my tag.
9.) Copy and paste Butterfly1, Resize it smaller. Place it to the top right side.
Slightly angle it to the right. Add a drop shadow.
10.) Copy and paste Butterfly01, Resize it smaller and place it to the bottom left.
Slightly angle it to the left. Add a drop shadow.
11.) Now pick different flowers from the kit, Resize them and place them on the bottom.
Where you want them or use my tag as a guide. Add drop shadows.
12.) Now here you may add any other elements you want.
Add drop shadows. Place them on the bottom where you want or use my tag as a guide.
13.) Add your name in a color to match or use papers from the kit.
Add a drop shadow to your name.
14.) Add all Artist copyright info, And your watermark.
Add your Tube license numbers. If you are using Ismael Rac's newest tubes.
From Xeracx, You must use your new license number.
15. "Animation"...( Optional ).
Highlight the frame layer, Go to adjust, add noise, Random with 30%.
Then click on ok.
Edit/copy merged, Copy and paste into AS as a new animation.
Go back to Psp, edit undo noise. Repeat the add noise only changing it to 25%.
Then click on ok.
Edit, copy merged and paste into AS after the current frame.
Go back to Psp, Edit undo add noise. Repeat the add noise changing it to 30%.
Click ok, Edit copy merged and paste into AS after the current frame.
Edit, select all, With frame properties set at 10, View animation.
If you are satisfied with your animation, Save tag as a .Gif File.
"All Done".
This Tutorial is Copyrighted to ©DonnasDesignzs.
And is Copyright protected with MyFreeCopyright.
I hope you all enjoy this Tutorial.
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