Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Dream 2013

This Tutorial is my sole creation and any other tutorial online is coincidence.

"Supplies Needed"

I used the Wsl_Mask 17 but you may use mask of your choice. Here
Just look through the blog to download the masks. You must have knowledge working with masks.

My Ptu Scrap kit Christmas Dream 2013. Here

Tube of choice. I used the artwork of Ismael Rac. Here
Do Not use the same tube as me without the proper License.

Font used Pristina. Here

"Animation Shop"

Plugin Xenofex2 Constellation.

"Let's Go"

1. Open a new blank canvas 600x600 in Psp and floodfill with white.
2. Copy and paste a paper of your choice from the kit on top of white background.
3. Open your mask in psp and go to Layers, New mask layer from image.
A box will pop up and your mask will be highlighted in the source window. Source luminance is checked.
Click ok. In your layer pallette click on merge mask group.
4. Highlight your paper layer. Layers/load/Save mask Load mask from disk.
Merge group the mask layer. With your deform tool pull mask to fit all sides of canvas.
5. Repeat the same step as up above for the second paper layer.
Leave the paper layer as is. Do not pull the mask layer out to fit canvas.
Hide the white background and merge both mask layers visible.
Add a drop shadow of choice. (Optional).
6. Copy and paste the Christmas Dream-Poinsetta Frame2.
With your magic wand tool, Click inside the frame.
Selections modify, Expand by 6. Copy and paste a paper of choice.
Selections invert, Hit delete. Make sure the paper layer is below the frame layer.
7. Open your tube. Re-size it by 80% if needed.
With the magic wand tool, Click inside the frame, Selections modify, Expand by 6.
Copy and paste the tube, Position where you want.
Selections invert, Hit delete. Add a drop shadow of choice to the tube.
8. Copy and paste the tube again on top of all other layers. Repeat the same drop shadow.
9. Now you may decorate your tag and place the elements where you want.
Or you may use my tag as a reference for placement.
10. Add your name with papers from the kit or colors of your choosing.
11. Add all Artist copyright info and your license number.

"Animation" (Optional)
Highlight your merged mask layer. Go to effects, plugins, Xenofex2.
With these settings.
Star size =3.00
Star size variation=50
Overall star density=25
Twinkle amount=75
Keep original image, Random speed=1.
Copy merged into AS as a new animation.
Go back to Psp and edit/undo constellation.
Repeat the same steps above but only change the random seed, Click ok.
Copy merged into AS after the current frame.
Go back to Psp and edit/undo constellation.
Repeat the constellation effect again only changing the random seed.
Copy merged and paste into AS after the current frame.
View your animation. If satisfied with the animation, Save as a .gif file.

Thank you for trying out my Tutorial. My Blog Here.
Please Do Not claim my tutorial as your own work.
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