Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Tutorial "PinkyLicious"

"PinkyLicious Tutorial"

I wrote this tutorial on March 3rd, 2009.
Any resemblance to another tut online is purely coincidence.
Any version of Paint Shop Pro.

"You Will Need"
Tube of choice, mask of choice, font of choice.
PTU PinkyLicious scrap kit by Lisa.

I am using the awesome artwork of Keith Garvey.
Please Do Not use the same tube without a proper license.

"Ok, Let's Begin"

Open a new 600x600 blank canvas. floodfill with white.
Open your mask layer, copy and paste paper of choice, go to layers,
New mask layer from image, source luminance checked, click ok.
Apply mask. Duplicate the mask layer, and on the original layer,
Go to adjust, gaussian blur of 10%, click ok. merge the 2 mask visible.

Now go to your eclipse tool, width of 10, use a pattern or color of choice.
Holding down the shift key, draw a circle onto the canvas.
Convert to a raster layer.

With your magic wand, click inside the circle layer, expand by 4,
Copy and paste paper of choice, selections invert, hit delete,
Selections none. add a drop shadow to the circle layer.
Or add some noise of choice.

Back on the circle layer, with magic wand, click inside the circle, Expand by 4,
Copy and paste your tube, selections invert, hit delete.
Selections none. add a drop shadow to your tube.

Back on your circle layer, magic wand, click inside circle,
Open a buckle from the kit, selections invert, hit delete, selections none.
Add a drop shadow.

Now add any embellishments you want from the kit.
Add drop shadows and sharpen if needed.
You may also use my tag as a reference for positioning.

Add your name in font of choice, add a drop shadow.
Add artist copyright, and your watermark.
Merge the tag visible, save as a .png file.

Thank You For Trying My Tutorial
This tutorial is copyrighted to me.
©Donna's Designzs.

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