Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Tutorial "Devilicious"

"Devilicious Tutorial"

I wrote this Tutorial on March 31st, 2009.
Any other resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.
Any version of Paint Shop Pro will work.
You must have a good knowledge working with masks.

I am using the Devilicious scrap kit by Kristin of Wicked Scrapz.
I am using the free tubes from MPT.

Tube of choice. Mask of choice, Font of choice.

Ok, Let's Start

Open a new 600x600 blank canvas and floodfill with white.
Open paper 6 from the kit. copy and paste onto your canvas. apply mask.
Duplicate the mask layer, on the original mask layer, apply a gausian blur of 20%.
Click ok. Hide your white background and merge the masks layers. unhide white background. Using you deform tool, pull the mask out to fit the canvas.

On the mask layer, with magic wand click inside the circle, expand by 4.
Add your tube, position her inside the circle, selections invert, hit delete.
Add a drop shadow to the tube. move the tube below the mask layer.

Open the Glitter doodle 1, copy and paste on top of the merged mask layer.
Add a drop shadow, sharpen if needed. Place this layer to the top left on canvas.

Open Frame 3 from the kit, copy and paste onto your canvas.
Resize the frame to your liking.Place the frame to the top right side.
With magic wand, click inside the heart frame, expand by 4, and
Copy and paste paper 5, selections invert, hit delete. select none.
Hide the paper 5 layer, go back onto the heart frame layer, selections,
Expand by 4. add the tube, position her inside the frame, selections invert,
Hit delete. Add a drop shadow to the frame and the tube.
Hide all layers except for the heart frame, tube, and paper 5,
Merge these 3 visible. unhide all other layers. Duplicate the image we just made,
And move it down to the right side leaving a little space between them.

Open button 1 and copy and paste it onto your canvas. place it in between the 2 heart images. add a drop shadow to the button.

Add your tube again on top of all layers and position her to the bottom left.
Drop shadow the tube. open flowers 1 and 2 and position them behind the tube.
Drop shadow the 2 flowers. use my tag as reference for placement.

Open the heart charm and move it to the bottom, resize to your liking.
Add a drop shadow and sharpen if needed. move it below the tube layer.
Open one of the bottlecaps. i use the flower 3 one. drop shadow it.
And move it to the top left.
Open the skull charm 2 and place it to the top right. add drop shadow

Add the Devilicious wordart and place it to the top left, add a drop shadow.
Resize to your liking.
Add wordart 2 and place it under the devilicious wordart.
Resize to your liking. open your bow of choice. I used bow 3.
The choice is up to you. add a drop shadow to the bow, and position
The bow on the top. Add your name, drop shadow.

Add Artist copyright info and your watermark.
Save as a .png file.

Thank you for trying my Tutorial.
Please Do Not claim this tutorial as your own.
This Tutorial is copyrighted to me.
©Donna's Designzs.

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