Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Tutorial "Blue Ice Christmas"

You will need any version of Paint Shop Pro. I used Pspx2 for this Tut.
You must need a good knowledge working with masks.
Animation Shop. (Optional).
Xenofex 2 Constellation.
My PTU Blue Ice Christmas Scrap kit. Here
You may find the Ismael Rac Tube. Here
Please Do Not use the same tube as me without the proper license.
Font of choice. I used Pristina.Tff. Here
Wsl_Mask349. Here
Ready? Let;s Start.
1. Open a new  600x600 blank canvas and floodfill with white.
2. Open the Wsl_Mas349 in Psp and minimize for now.
3. Copy and paste a paper of your choice from the scrap kit on top of the white background.
4. Open the Wsl_Mask349. Go to Layers/Load save mask from image.
Find the mask on the drop down menu. Source Luminance is checked, Click ok.
5. Go to Layers/Load save mask to disk. Click Save. Merge Group on the mask.
Go to Layers/Load save mask from disc, Find your mask on the drop down menu.
Click load. Merge group. With the deform tool, Pull the mask out to fit canvas.
Add a slight drop shadow to the mask layer. Merge the masks layers visible.
6.Copy and paste a different paper from the kit, And repeat the same steps for the mask we just made.
Do Not pull the mask layer out as previouly.
7. Copy and paste the Santa Frame01. With the magic wand tool, Click inside the frame and expand by 6.
Copy and paste a paper from the kit. Selections Modify, Selections Invert, Hit delete. Select none.
Move the paper layer under the frame layer. Add a drop shadow to the frame and paper.
8. Highlight the Frame layer. With magic wand tool, Click inside the frame.
Copy and paste one of the Beaded Ribbons and arrange where you want it.
Selections invert, Hit delete. Add a drop shadow to the ribbon.
9. Highlight the Santa Frame layer. Open your tube and resize by 80%.
With magic wand tool, Click inside frame. Selections modify, Expand by 6.
Copy and paste your tube, Place where you want. Selections invert, Hit delete.
Make sure the tube is above the ribbon layer. Add a drop shadow to the tube.
Add the tube again on top of all layers and postion her to the right side. Drop shadow the tube.
10. Now you may decorate your tag as you wish, Or use my tag as a guide for placment of elements.
11. Add your name in Font of your choice. Add a drop shadow.
12. Add all Artist copyright info and your watermark.

Animation is optional. If you wish to animate follow these steps.
1. Highlight the Paper layer above the mask layer. Go to effects, Xenofex2 Constellation.
With these settings. Constellation Star size=3
Size Variation=50
Edge Star Density=50
Overall Star Density=50
Twinkle Amount=75
Twinkle Rotation=45
Random Seed=1
Keep Original Image is checked. Then click ok.
Open Animation Shop.
Back to Psp, Copy Merged and paste into AS as a new animation.
Back to Psp and edit undo constellation. Effects, Xenofez2 Constellation. Leave the settings as they are.
Except change the Random Seed, Click ok. Edit copy abd paste into AS after the current frame.
Back to Psp, Edit undo Constellation. 
Go to Effects, Xenofex2, Same settings except change the Random Seed. Click ok.
Copy merged, Paste into AS after the current Frame, View Animation.
If you like the Animation, Save your tag as a .Gif file.
I hope you enjoyed my Tutorial.
This Tutorial is Copyright Protected with MyFreeCopyright
©Donnas Designzs.


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