Friday, December 28, 2012

"BlackNGold Tutorial"

"Supplies Needed"
Paint Shop Pro. Any version will work with this tut.
A really good knowledge working with masks and applying them.
"Animation Shop". (Optional).
Xenofex2. Constellation.
My PTU Scrap Kit, BlackNGold.  Here
Tube of choice. Font of choice. I used the font Pristina.
Wsl_Mask349. Here
I used the artwork of Ismael Rac.  Here
Please Do Not use the same tube as me without the proper license.

"Let's Go".
1. Open a new  blank 600x600 canvas in Psp and floodfill with white.
2. Open the Wsl_Mask349 and set aside for now.
3. Copy and paste BlackNGold Paper02 over white background.
4. On the Wsl_Mask349, Go to layers, New mask from image.
In the box that pops up, Find your mask, Hit ok. 
Go to layers, Load save mask to alpha channel. Save.
5. Highlight your paper layer. Go to Load/save mask from alpha channel. Hit ok.
Merge group the mask layer. Hide the white background.
On the mask layer, Using the deform tool pull the mask out on all sides to fit canvas.
Add a drop shadow of choice. This is optional.
Hide the white background and merge both mask layers visible.
6. Repeat the same steps as above for the next paper. Leave this paper as is.
7. Copy and paste the BlackNGoldRoundBead Frame. Resize it 110% twice.
8. With your magic wand tool, Click inside the frame. Expand by 6.
9. Copy and paste BlackNGold Paper05. Selections invert, Hit delete Hit ok.
Make sure the paper layer is below the frame layer. Add a drop shadow to the frame and paper.
10. Highlight the frame layer. With the magic wand tool, Click inside. Expand by 6.
Copy and paste the BlackNGold BeadedRibbon02. Position in the middle.
Selections invert, Hit delete. Hit ok. Add a drop shadow to the beadedribbon.
11. Highlight the BlackNGold BeadedRibbon Frame.
With your magic wand tool, Click inside the frame. Copy and paste your tube.
Selections invert, Hit delete. Click ok. Make sure the tube is above the beadedribbon layer.
On the paper layer, Lower the opacity down to 42% or your choice.
Add a drop shadow to the tube.
12. Now here you may decorate your tag the way you want or use mine as a reference.
13. Add drop shadows to all embellishments. Add your name and watermark.
14. Add all Artist copyright info and your license number.

"Animation" (Optional)
Highlight the paper layer. Go to Effects, Xenofex2 Constellation.  Keep Original image is checked.
Star Size=3.00
Star Size Variation=0
Edge Star Density=1
Overall Star Density=50
Twinkle Amount=75
Twinkle Rotation=45
Randon Seed=1.
Go to Edit, Copy Merged and paste into AS as a new animation.
Go Back to Psp, Edit undo Constellation.
Repeat the constellation effect as above only changing the random seed.
Edit, Copy merged and paste into AS after current frame.
Go back to Psp, Edit undo Constellation.
Edit, Copy merged and paste into AS after current frame.
View your Animation. Save as a .Gif File.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial.
 This Tutorial is Copyrighted to Me and is Copyright Protected with MyFreeCopyright.
©Donnas Designzs.

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