Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Sahara Tutorial"

"Sahara Tutorial"
I wrote this Tutorial on July 10th, 2010. Tutorial is ©Donna's Designzs.
Any other tutorial online that resembles this tut is coincidental.
You must have a good knowledge working with masks to do this tut.
You must also know how to curve text. Curved text is optional.
"Supplies Needed"
Paint Shop Pro. I used Psp 9 for this tut.
FTU Scrap kit "Blue Heaven" By Fantasy Moments. Here
Wsl_Mask61. Or a similar mask. Here
Murial Meister's Plugin Copies.
Tube of choice, Font of choice.
I am using the artwork of Ismael Rac. Please Do Not use the same tube
Without a proper License. You may purchase a license. Here
"Ok, Let's Start"
1.) Open the Wsl_Mask61 in Psp and minmize for now. We will use it in a minute.
2.) Open the blue heavans scrap kit and minimize for now.
3.) Open a new blank canvas 600x600 and floodfill with white.
Open paper 12 from the kit, copy and paste it onto your canvas. Open the
Wsl_Mask61 and apply. Merge group, Duplicate the mask layer and on the original
Go to blur, gaussian blur of 25%, click ok. Hide your white background.
Merge the mask layers visible. Unhide your white background.
Drop shadow on mask layer is optional. Pull mask out to fit canvas.
4.) Open paper 13, Copy and paste onto your canvas, Repeat the same steps
As above for the mask. Resize this mask 80%. Hide all layers except for the two merged
Mask layers, Merge them visible. Drop shadow is optional.
5.) Open element 26, Resize it to your liking. Copy and paste it onto the
Merged mask layer. Add a drop shadow of H/V=2, Opacity=50, Blur=5, click ok.
6.) Open element 31, Resize to your liking, Copy and paste it on top of the doodle.
Position it to the left side. Add same drop shadow as above, Sharpen if needed.
Duplicate/image/flip. You may have to pull it out a little bit.
7.) Open element 45. Resize it by 80% 3x's. Copy and paste it on the mask layer.
Make sure element 45 is in the center of your canvas.
Go to Murial Meister's Copies plugin and use these settings.
1.) Circle
2.) Tile Mode
3.) Behind
4.) Encircle
5.) BG Color=White
6.) Number=12
7.) Shift X=50
8.) Shift Y=50
9.) Angle=0
10.) Rotation=100
11.) Phase=-25
12.) Cycle=100
13.) Rest leave as is.
Then click ok. Resize this layer 110% 2 x's.
Add a drop shadow, Sharpen if needed. You don't want this layer too big
Or too small. See my tag as a reference.
8.) Open paper 12, Set it as your foreground in the layer pallette
Background is null. Width set at 10, Holding down the shift key, Draw out a circle.
Do not make the circle to go over the mask layer or the decoration we just made.
Make it big enough to show up. See my tag as a reference.
Convert it to a raster layer.
Add a drop shadow to the circle we just made.
9.) With the magic wand tool, Click inside the circle.
With these settings:
Mode=Replace, RGB Value, Tolerance=20, Feather=0, Continous checked.
Anti-Alias is checked, Outside, Selections modify, expand by 4
Copy and paste paper 16, Selections invert, hit delete. Select none.
Move the paper layer below the circle. Add a drop shadow.
10.) Highlight the circle paper layer, Select all, float, defloat, Copy and paste
Element 24, Resize it, Position it inside the circle, Selections invert, delete.
Select none. Add a drop shadow, sharpen if needed.
11.) Highlight the circle paper, Selections all, float, defloat, Copy and paste tube.
Position her inside the cicle making it look like she is coming out of the frame.
Selections invert, hit delete, Select none. Add a drop shadow to the tube.
12.) Open element 1, Resize it small, See my tag as a referance.
Copy and paste it on the bottom left side of circle frame. Drop shadow.
Duplicate/image/mirror. Open element 4, Resize small as element 1.
Position it in between the ones we just made. Drop shadow.
13.) Open two butterflies from the kit. Resize these small.
Position them on top of the flowers where you want them. Drop shadow.
Sharpen them if needed.
14.) Open element 64, Resize small, Copy and paste it on the top right side.
See my tag as a referance. Add a drop shadow.
15.) Open element 53, Resize, Copy and paste it on top of the flower.
Add a drop shadow. Open element 45, Resize small. Position it on top of the bow
In the middle. Copy and paste element 47, Resize small. angle it slightly to the left side.
Duplicate/image/mirror. Add a drop shadow. Sharpen if needed.
See my tag as a referance for placement.
16.) Open element 60, Resize very small, Copy and paste it on top of the beads.
Add a drop shadow, Sharpen if needed.
17.) Open element 58, Resize small or to your liking. With your magic wand tool.
Click inside the frame, Selections modify expand by 4, Copy and paste paper 1.
Selections invert, hit delete. Highlight this paper layer, Selections all, float, defloat.
Copy and paste your tube, Position her inside the frame, Selections invert, hit delete.
Select none. Add a drop shadow to tube and the frame layer.
Now hide all layers except for the frame layer, paper layer and tube we just made
And merge visible. Unhide all other layers. Position the image to the
top left side. Duplicate this image layer and position it on the bottom left side.
And angle it slightly or to your liking. See my tag as referance.
18.) Open elements 63 and 64, Resize them small. Position them on the image layers.
See my tag as a referance. Add a drop shadow to both flowers.
19.) Add your name in colors or paper patterns of your choice.
Add a drop shadow to your name, Sharpen if needed.
20.) Text I used Meet Me At The Sahara is optional.
21.) Add artist copyright info. If using Ismael Rac tubes, Make sure you add
The new copyright and Url for his new tubes.
Add your watermark and your license number.
All Done. I hope you all enjoy this Tut.
This Tutorial is ©Donna's Designzs.
This tut is copyright protected By MyFreeCopyright.
Please Do Not Claim it as your own work.