Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Always And Forever" Tutorial ( Animated )

"Always And Forever"
This Tutorial was written by Me on Jan. 6th, 2010.
Any other resemblance to another Tutorial online is purely coincidence.
You will need any version of Paint Shop Pro. You will also need a good knowledge
Of working with Psp tools and working with masks.
Animation Shop, Mura Meister's Copies Plugin.
I am using a PTU scrap kit "Always And Forever", by Crazed Creations Here
Wsl_Mask106 Here
Tube of choice, Font of choice.
Tube used is by Ismael Rac Here
You will need a license to use his work.
"Let's Get Started"
Open a new blank 600x600 canvas and floodfill with white.
Open your Wsl_Mask106, set aside for now.
Copy and paste paper 10 from the kit, resize, if you are using the same one.
Open the Wsl_Mask and apply. Duplicate this mask layer and on the original
Mask layer, adjust, blur, gaussian blur of 25%, click ok.
Hide your white background, and merge the two mask layers visible.
Unhide your white background. You may have to use your deform tool to pull mask out.
Open doodle 1 from the kit, resize. copy and paste it under the merged mask layer.
Place it to the top left side. Layers duplicate, image mirror. Layers duplicate, image flip,
Layers duplicate, image mirror. Angle them to your liking.
See my tag as a reference.
On my tag, i resized one of the hearts to 30, then again at 80.
On the heart we just rezised, apply Mura Meister's Copies Plugin
And use these settings.
Circle, Tile Mode, Behind, Encircle.
1. Number =9
2. Shift X=50
3. Shift Y=50
Leave the rest of the settings as is.
Color=Red. And click ok. You may resize it to 110%.
Add a drop shadow to the heart frame we just made. With the magic wand tool
Click inside the circle, selections modify, expand by 6, copy and paste paper
Of choice. selections invert, hit delete, select none. Move paper below the circle.
Highlight the circle layer again, copy and paste curtain 1, selections invert, hit delete
Selections none. Make sure the curtain is on top of the paper layer. Add a drop
Shadow to the curtains, sharpen if needed.
Highlight the circle layer, Magic wand tool, click inside the circle, expand by 6.
Copy and paste your tube, place her in the middle of the circle, selections invert
Hit delete, select none. Add a drop shadow to the tube and make sure she is on top
Of the curtains.
Open another tube by the same artist and place her to the right side.
Add a drop shadow to the tube.
Now you may decorate your tag as you wish with elements from the kit.
Or you may use my tag as a guide for placing the elements.
Add drop shadows to all embellishments and sharpen if needed.
Add your name in font of choice, Add a drop shadow.
Add artist copyright info and your watermark.
Layers, merge tag visible. Save as a .Png File.
If you wish to Animate, Please read on.
I chose to use a bubbles animation for my tag. You can use any animation
You want to. On your tag, edit copy merged and paste it into AS
As a new animation. Duplicate it for as many frames as your animation has.
Edit, select all.
On your animation, edit select all, copy and paste it onto your tag into selection.
Frame properties is set to 10. View Animation.
If you are happy with your animation save tag as a .Gif File.
Thank You for trying my Tutorial and i would love to see your results.
This tutorial is Copyright Protected.
©Donna's Designzs
Please Do Not Claim This Tut As Your Own.

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