Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Tutorial "Passionate Flowers"

"Passionate Flowers"

I wrote this Tutorial on August 1st, 2009.
Any other resemblance to another Tutorial is purely coincidence.
You will need any version of Paint Shop Pro, A good knowledge working with masks.
My PTU Scrap Kit DD_Black And White Beads.
Zuzzanna_Mask02 and Zuzzanna_Mask03, or similar.
Tube of choice, Font of choice.

I am using the artwork of Easel Peetz, You may find his work.
Please Do Not use the same tube without the proper license to do so.
"Let's Go"

Open a new 600x600 blank canvas and floodfill with white.
Open your Zuzzanna_Mask03. copy and paste paper 15 onto canvas.
On the mask, go to layers, new mask layer, from image, source luminance,
Invert mask data checked, load, save mask to alpha channel, find the mask in
The dropdown menu, click save. apply mask. duplicate the mask layer, on
The original mask layer, adjust, blur, gaussian blur of 20%, click ok.
Hide the white background, and merge the 2 mask layers visible.
Unhide the white background. Repeat this same step with Zuzzanna_Mask02.
Resize this zuzzanna02_ mask layer 80%. hide the white background.
Merge all mask layers visible. unhide the white background.

Open the Flower Circle Frame01 from the kit. copy and paste onto canvas.
Add a drop shadow of choice, sharpen. staying on this layer, selection tool, circle,
Draw a big circle making it as big as the frame, but just a little smaller, see my tag.
Go to selections, modify, smooth at 10. click ok. copy and paste paper 12.
Selections invert, hit delete, selections none. still on this layer, go to
Selections all, float, defloat, copy and paste wrap bow2, selections invert,
Hit delete. select none. add a drop shadow to the wrap bow. make sure the circle
Layer is just a little smaller than the frame, move under the frame.

Back on the circle layer, selections all, float, defloat, copy and paste tube,
Selections invert, hit delete, select none. drop shadow the tube.
Open the Flower Bunch03, copy and paste over the merged mask layer.
Position it on the top left, duplicate, image mirror, duplicate again, image flip.
Duplicate, image mirror. use my tag as a reference. add drop shadows.

Now open any embellishments from the kit. position where you want, or use
My tag as a reference. add drop shadows to all, sharpen if needed.
Add your name and your watermark. add all artist copyright info.
Save as a .png file.
This Tutorial is copyrighted to me.
©Donna's Designzs.
Please Do Not Claim As your Own.

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